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The galleries are examples of my work. I have tried to include a variety of photos from weddings to creative work so that you can see that I can capture the moment under any conditions. The Artist at work gallery clearly won’t represent your Wedding photos, however, it shows that I have the skill to remove objects or tweak the images to bring out the best in any given situation. Photoshop is sometimes frowned upon by purists, lets be real, if there is an emergency exit sign in bright green you will want it removed for your album photos, the good news is that I absolutely agree. I have mastered photoshop over many years and the key to its use in everyday work is ensure that you never know it has been used. Clearly in more artistic photos this involves a different set of skills that I have also honed over the years. Most recently with the awesome Adrian Sommeling.

I am a strong believer in continued development. Attending workshops and photographing models is a sure route to success. Yes its easier working with models, its there job, what it does do is allow you to concentrate on learning new lighting techniques whilst also seeing how the models bring out the best in themselves. These are all transferable skill sets to enrich your Wedding day and make you, the Bride & Groom, look your very best. After all thats what you want from your photographer.