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Aylesbury Wedding

Abbie & Nick got married in the beautiful village Church in Stoke Mandeville. After a week of rain we were blessed with brilliant sunshine and a temperature that was just right! I work best in the low 20’s. As an Aylesbury wedding photographer it was a pleasure to be with probably one of the most attractive families in Bucks! As you can see from the pictures Abbie looked stunning and Nicks not bad either according to my wife! The bridesmaids and groomsmen were also great to work with. Full of fun and made my job of catching the atmosphere so much easier.. thanks Ladies and Gents.

I owe Abbie a big thank you for trusting me! I managed to get 4 award winning photos with the Guild of photographers from her wedding. The picture with the wood panels behind her was actually a storage place for Horse manure, it had only just been cleared the day before the Wedding! – thank you Abbie, I hope you think the end result was worth it. To view more wedding photos look here.